All-Terrain Digital Camo Army Pants - Poly/Cotton

All-Terrain Digital Camo Army Pants - Poly/Cotton by Rothco
All-Terrain Digital Camo Army Pants - Poly/Cotton by Rothco
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The All-Terrain digital pattern is now being used by the U.S. Army. It combines new colors and was designed to be used in desert, urban, or forest type environments without the need for separate uniforms with different color combinations. Get the full uniform! Add an All-Terrain BDU Jacket and All-Terrain t-shirt too! And if you need 100% MilSpec ACUs instead of All-Terrain BDUs, we have those too!

Our Mil-spec fatigue pants feature the following: Sewn to Military Specification MIL T 44047, Six Pockets(Four with Button Flaps), Four-Button Fly, Double-Reinforced Seat and Knee, Adjustable Waist Tabs with 4 bar tacks, Drain Holes in Bellows Pockets, and Nylon Drawstring Leg Closures. Sizes range from X-Small through 5XL. Longs available in certain colors


"XS - 23"-27"

" S - 27"-31"

"M - 31"-35"

"L - 35"-39"

"XL - 39"-43"

"2XL - 43"-47"

"3XL - 47"-51"

"4XL - 51"-55"

"5XL - 55"-59"

"6XL - 59"-63"

"7XL - 63"-67"

B.D.U. PANTS: INSEAM SHORT 261⁄2"-291⁄2"

REGULAR 291⁄2"-321⁄2"

LONG 321⁄2"-351⁄2" X-LONG 351⁄2"-381⁄2"